Feed Mixer Wagon knives and blades for Supreme and Roto-mix vertical mixers

Buy Feed Mixer Wagon Knives and Blades for Supreme and Roto-mix Vertical Mixers


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Supreme Feed Wagon Mixer Blade or Knife

Supreme Mixer Wagon Cutting Blades & Roto-Mix Vertical Feed Knives


$79.90 Each Special 
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Serrated Mixer Wagon blades made with Austrian MBL4 heat-treated steel and then hard faced with thick tungsten carbide material. Incorporating Austria’s skills and reputation for the highest quality in knives, these serrated blades are designed to cut even the toughest of commodities while supplying the longest life in a cutting blade today. The thinner design of these knives allows for more efficient cutting, while requiring less horsepower to operate than a standard thicker design of knife.

Roto-Mix Verticle Feed Knives

Production and quality

Our Supreme and Roto-mix vertical mixer knives are manufactured on the most modern, automated, and robot-controlled systems and of course meets the strictest quality specifications. Making use of its expertise and technical equipment,


Our feed wagon knives are coated with tungsten carbide alloys to improve the cutting performance. This highly wear-resistant tungsten carbide coating makes it possible to multiply the service life of the cutting tools.


  • High cutting quality
  • High breaking strength
  • High bending strength
  • Clean cut and long service life
  • Less fuel consumption

We also sell feed wagon parts and farm mixer parts.


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